On Being “Mumma” – An Ode to Motherhood

May 13, 2017

Motherhood is the most powerful force I have encountered. It has challenged me. It has changed me. It has opened up parts of me I didn’t know were there.

My two beautiful girls are my greatest teachers. Each day they show me more closely what life is all about. Being their “Mumma” is such an incredible gift. Here is my ode to the beautiful journey we call Motherhood…


It’s beautiful and it’s complicated. It’s uplifting, and mundane. It is clarity, alongside confusion. It’s joy bundled up with pain.

It is gentle, but it shakes me. It’s “holding tight”… but a rush to let go. It’s calm, with intermittent chaos. It leaves me questioning everything I know.

It’s humbling, yet revealing. Instinctive, but not straight-forward. Heartwarming, but demanding. It makes me feel everything to my core.

It is precious, yet robust. Universal, but unique. A force that can’t be reckoned with. An overwhelming feeling of being complete.






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