Wallace Community College Admission Agreement

April 14, 2021

Wallace State has joint admission agreements with the following institutions: returnees will meet the most current program requirements after readmission to university. Transfer of students between university programs A registered student may move to another program of study if he or she meets the admission requirements and there is a vacancy in the program. All academic credits previously acquired for the new program will be transferred. Today`s agreement will allow other WCCS students to follow in Snowden`s footsteps with the additional support of both institutions. The AUM and WCCS say the agreement embodies the bonds and commitment to the community and support for the student. The goal is for WCCS students to be familiar with AUM people and places during the transfer, so they can move forward smoothly. Accelerated`s high school program allows high school students to earn university credits while they are still in high school. University credits that are earned through the accelerated high school program cannot be replaced by high school credits. A temporary/transfer student who has attended another post-secondary institution and is applying for a credit to be transferred to that parent institution may be admitted to the college as a temporary student. The student must submit an application for admission and an official letter or temporary form from the institution certifying that the credit obtained at the college is accepted as part of the student`s academic program. Such a student is not required to submit transcripts of previously acquired credits to other post-secondary institutions. Lurleen B.

Wallace Community College welcomes students who meet the admission requirements listed below. This is the official policy of the Alabama Community College System Board of Trustees and Lurleen B. Wallace Community College, a post-secondary institution under their control, that no person should be excluded or discriminated against on the basis of race, skin colour, disability, sex, religion, profession of faith, national origin or age. Persons with disabilities who require adequate housing (including assistance and services) should contact the ADA coordinator on the campus. Lurleen B. Wallace Community College recognizes that learning takes a variety of ways. As such, university credits may be granted for learning acquired on non-traditional means, including, but not limited, nationally recognized examinations, pre-knowledge credits, military training credits, and local and national articulation agreements. Credits granted in a non-traditional manner should not be included in the 25 per cent of total credit hours that must be paid at the university that is graduating. Tech Prep Articulated Credits In order to obtain articulated credit for high school tech-prep courses, a student must submit a complete form for the Career/Technical Education Course Application to the Dean of Education, who acts as the college`s technical coordinator. These forms can be obtained from the Dean of Education or from technical academic career administrators and professional teachers.

Statewide articulation agreements are reviewed annually and reviewed as required by the Alabama Community College System and the State Department of Education. Students who meet the quality assurance criteria listed below receive articulated recognition for the establishment of the Alabama College system of their choice.


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