Supply Agreement Prijevod

April 12, 2021

the selected participant will not account for compensation to PCT for the activation of the criminal provision of the concession contract, which is not paid anyway; In the case of a concession contract, value is the dealer`s estimated total turnover for the duration of the contract. Procedures for contracting concessions or public procurement, including framework contracts, are one of the following forms of exemption from the payment of an administrative fee for compensation that the Port Authority of Piraeus (AAE) pays to PCT under the concession contract, which is outside the scope of the VAT law, the contract involves a public contract or a concession contract after the signing of a concession contract. The network manager performs a network reception check for THE ESMIG. The expiry of the authorization does not affect the application of the concession contracts concerned. Central banks of the Eurosystem, with regard to network service providers for ESMIG and other third parties, and manages concession contracts covered by Article 4, paragraph 5, of the Regulation. If the ESMIG network manager does not conduct a successful audit, the concession contract is terminated. The network service provider ESMIG is a network service provider that has signed a concession contract for the provision of connectivity services.


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