Sitefinity License Agreement

April 12, 2021

(a) Except for the trial version, guarantees that the software will be implemented for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of purchase of the license (the “guarantee period”) in accordance with the electronic documentation available on the websites or (“limited warranty”). 4.B.2.1. Licenses. Subject to the terms of this CAU, we grant you a limited, revocable, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-licensed license, as long as you purchased a subscription and only during the period of your subscription, and we will allow your authorized users to generate, copy, use and distribute the tracking code and create, copy and distribute the tracking code solely for the purpose of collecting customer data; (b) access Sitefinity Insight and use it exclusively to access, customize, view, analyze and/or download your customer data and reports; and (c) download and use downloadable software for the sole purpose of collecting customer data. The tracking code can only be used or distributed when you need to use Sitefinity Insight in conjunction with your third-party properties or properties. There is no support agreement with the license, but you will be encouraged to contact me with any problems, as it is in my interest to correct them, but I cannot offer development or environmental support. 4.3.1. License not to use production. If you download Ucommerce for Sitefinity Add-on by NuGet or any other repository that we or our licensee use, In order to distribute the Ucommerce for Sitefinity Add-on (“Distribution Repository”), we grant you a limited, non-transferable, revocable, non-exclusive license for and to allow any number of your authorized users to install, install and use the add-on Ucommerce for Sitefinity on any number of servers or domains for a single development purpose submitted and in accordance with the terms of this EULA. The license described in this section 4.3.1 (Non-Production License) contains no support and does not allow you to use the add-on Ucommerce for Sitefinity for purposes other than development. You must purchase a production license for Ucommerce for Sitefinity Add-on from us or our authorized dealer in order to obtain the referenced support provided in Section 4.3.3 (Ucommerce for Sitefinity Add-on Package Support) or to use the forfinity Site add-on Ucommerce for production purpose. Notwithstanding the contrary provisions of Section (Subscription Renewals), your license to install and use the add-on Ucommerce for development, as described in section 4.3.1, begins on the day of download or delivery and automatically continues for consecutive year subscription periods.

Unless we or our licensee issue a notice on the distribution filing stating that Ucommerce for Sitefinity Add-on`s non-use licensed production license has been terminated or terminated and will no longer be automatically renewed, in which case your license expires at the end of your current annual subscription. It is your responsibility to verify the distribution filing to confirm that no such notification has been issued prior to your continued use for a consecutive annual extension period. 1.3.3. Type of maturity license.


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