Service Level Agreement Graphic Design

April 12, 2021

lower quality of service, as described in this ALS (. B functionality temporarily interrupted or temporarily unavailable). 9.4 Melt Creative Ltd will do everything in its power to remedy the cause of the disruptions to the customer`s (s) hosting services and minimize the duration of these cases. 8. HOURLY RATE CHARGES 8.1 DG is charged for services that are not included in an offer or under the terms of the clause (9), accommodation. The amount charged is determined by SMWDL`s standard hourly rate, unless another hourly rate has been agreed in writing. 8.2 The DG checks and can increase its normal hourly rate each year. 8.2 A minimum 15-minute fee is charged. 13.3 Melt Creative Ltd requires a minimum deposit of 40% before design or development work can begin. If you do not pay the minimum deposit of 40%, the process will be delayed. If work has been agreed to begin before the initial deposit of at least 40%, a payment is still required if the client withdraws from the project.

8.3. If changes are required in an ongoing monthly service, the additional fee is confirmed with the customer and the customer is billed for these changes in the following invoices payable in advance of the period. 9.7. Assistance availability: Lacoudhir Design LTD is a 24/365 agency, unless unavailability is expected and noted in advance by a customer. Depending on the level of dementia, the client has access to this support by phone or email, depending on the specified time zone. The availability of assistance is linked to the terms of the clauses (9.8 – 9.9). 1.2. A “project” can be a brand, a website, graphics, a digital campaign, PPC/SEO/SEM service, animation, video, strategy, advice, advice or other services, which are not limited to: printed material, signage, graphics, writing, content reading, photography, marketing or strategy made available to the customer by the digital agency. 8.1. For all digital marketing services, including, but not limited to, content software, copywriting, optimization, marketing strategy, Analytics, SEO/SEM, PPC, marketing consulting, marketing, brand development, business development, lead generation, public relations, etc. . – an estimate, an offer or SOW is calculated project or monthly, and then submitted to the customer.


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