Asset Purchase Agreement Sample

April 8, 2021

The buyer must pay the seller the sum of [number of dollars” as the purchase price of the above. The total purchase price must be paid in cash at closing. PandaTip: The above type price structure can be adjusted depending on how the payment is received. This section can remain as if the buyer was paying entirely with an acquired loan. The seller is the current owner of [Product Description]. The company (hereafter “the buyer”) wishes to purchase from the seller and the seller wishes to sell these products to the buyer only on the terms and conditions of this agreement, unless this has been agreed by both the buyer and the seller. PandaTip: Use [Product Description] to indicate which resource is being sold. You can describe the asset and its condition later in the agreement. The seller is excused for delays in the supply and performance of other contractual obligations arising from this contract, resulting from acts or omissions that are not subject to proper control and are not attributable to the seller`s fault or negligence, including, but not limited, to embargoes, blockages, seizures or freezing of assets. , delays or refusals of an export licence or its suspension or revocation.

, or other acts of government, fires, floods, bad weather or other acts of God, quarantines, work strikes or lockouts, unrest, riots, insurrection, civil disobedience, war, shortage of equipment or delays in deliveries to the seller by third parties. If the excusable delay circumstances are extended by six months, each party, at its choice, may terminate the order without penalty, liability and without delay or violation of that order. Prices and payments will be in U.S. dollars, and payment will be in U.S. currency. All amounts owed by the buyer to the seller in connection with an order are due and payable according to the terms of an order. The buyer is prohibited from investing such amounts or parts of such amounts, regardless of that, with amounts claimed by the buyer, by his parent companies, subsidiaries or other activities or shares, in connection with other transactions with the seller, his parent companies, his subsidiaries or other activities or units. PandaTip: To begin with, fill in the tokens that are in this model.


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